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Weekend reflection #36 hectic Week…Getting prepared for Christmas

one more week is once again over. As I get older it seems like time goes by even faster.

I’m starting to get utilized to being a stay at house mother when again. I believe we are getting into a routine. I try to get up before the youngsters so I can work on my blog. The only possibility I have to blog is when everybody else is in bed because of the truth that our computer is out in the household room. When the television is blaring as well as the space is full of youngsters there is as well much of a distraction for me.

This home right here in California is about a third the size of our old home back in Wisconsin. I discovered this week that I can straiten up the whole home in about four hours. So I’ve vowed to keep it as clean as possible while I am not working.

It is so much fun viewing Conan as well as Ciara play together. She is the common huge sibling. She tells me what Conan wants as well as he complies with her everywhere. He doesn’t always want what she says, of course. It’s truly funny. She’s likewise getting quite imply with her bit brother. We were playing in Conan’s bedroom yesterday as well as she took away every toy that he wished to play with. If I discovered one more toy for him as well as he started to get thinking about it Ciara would review as well as take that a person as well. in some cases she can be a bit stinker.

My hubby as well as I are extremely happy of Courtney. She came house from institution yesturday with a stack of papers all of which had no much more than one mistake. likewise her instructor nominated her to take part in the academic skill browse at Sacramento State. If she passes the entrance test she can take special programs at Sacramento specify this summer. I am extremely thrilled for her as well as hope that she scores well on the test.

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We are practically prepared for Christmas. I mailed out my Christmas cards this week. Our Christmas cookies are done as well as last night we went for our annual drive around town taking a look at Christmas lights. Ciara had fun pointing out the lights. Courtney was peaceful the whole time since her father didn’t let her bring her new book along. Conan fell asleap best away, which was what we desired anyway.

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